The morning of my first IM, with friend Steve “Remission Man” Brown

About the Blog

This blog is mostly about having fun with friends, and eating donuts. I wasn’t sure where I was going with it when I started it, but after a year into it I’ve figured it out.

I will never give training tips or gear recommendations. No swim workouts or shoe reviews. I am An Expert of Nothing With No Relevant Degrees.

I will exude humility at all times (except when I’m bragging). I will never tell you how incredibly slow I am, and then give you some sob story about how I really wanted to run a 6:50 pace, but struggled and finished with a 7:04 pace for my half-marathon at some 70.3 which finished at the top of a mountain.  I can only achieve those paces while driving my car.

I will celebrate mediocrity at every opportunity in triathlon, because let’s face it: exceptional triathletes have to work hard to be exceptional. And that looks exhausting.

I will tell you where to get the most delicious donuts.

I will try to make you laugh.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter @collprof.


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