I’m racing open/elite at a local triathlon, and here’s why

My Florida friend Caitlin wrote this amazing piece. Let’s all get comfortable with ambition and failure.

Fit and Feminist

Last year, I noticed something curious at a lot of the smaller local triathlons.  The races often had categories for elite/open racers – meaning they all start in the first wave and race against each other for overall positions, regardless of their age – and the men’s elite/open waves would have a dozen or more triathletes.

The women’s elite/open wave, though?  We’d be doing real good if we had four triathletes signed up for that wave.

Well, I didn’t like seeing that one bit.  I know triathlon as a sport tends to skew sausage, but I also knew there were tons of really fast women racing as age-groupers who would be right at home in the open/elite wave.

Part of it, I’m sure, is just a lack of awareness about the option. My friend Yova, who is one of the best local triathletes in the area, found out about it…

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