2016 TMT Race Schedule


We’re getting the band back together.

2016: year 12 of my pursuit of triathloning. It’s an even dozen, so I’m celebrating with a trip to the bakery later. Donuts are on me.

Seriously, I’ve spent twelve years pursuing a hobby that has me up at 5:00 several days a week, heading to a treadmill or a swimming pool. It’s hobby, for crying out loud. It’s recreation. I’ll bet people who knit sweaters and collect stamps get to sleep in. I’ll bet model airplane builders don’t swim in muddy lakes and cycle on 90 degree days. Scrapbooking. Yes, that’s where the smart people are.

Oh, who am I kidding? I love it. And so do you. Will you join me and my teammates? Here’s where I’ll be from March to September. I’ve added a few new races, but most of the races on the list are my tried and true favorites.

March 20/Ocean Drive 10-miler/Cape May-This one keeps me laser-focused all spring. Actually, it’s closer to “Oh, sh!t, I gotta run ten miles in five weeks. Where are my shoes?”  http://www.odmarathon.org/TenMileInfo.cfm

***NEW*** April 10/CGI Love Run half-marathon/Philly, yo-Simply because I love race director Michele Redrow, and because Michele promised me a big basket of baked goods at the finish line. CGI Racing puts on fabulous races. Check them out!  https://cgiracing.webconnex.com/LoveRun2016

May 22/Bassman Triathlon/Bass River State Forest-I had planned on doing the fall version of this race, but it conflicted with drinking beer out of a large plastic boot, which then conflicted with a nor’easter storm that put my island under water. Long story short, May.    http://www.citytri.com/bassman-triathlon

June 12/Escape the Cape Triathlon/Cape May-I have been practicing off the high dive at the community pool all winter. I plan a triple lindy off the back of the Cape May-Lewes Ferry. It will be epic, just like this race. http://www.delmosports.com.

June 25/Islandman Triathlon/Avalon-It’s the hometown race, but that doesn’t make it any easier. Ocean swim, technical bike course, and lots of soft sand with more soft sand on the run. But the race director is The Race Director, and the swag is out of this world.  http://www.timkerrcharities.org/islandman/

July 9/Iron Soldiers Biathlon/Ocean City-Nothing like following up a soft sand run with a longer soft sand run. Freddie Klevan’s event is a one mile ocean swim with a four mile beach run. These old legs don’t dare complain, however, because it’s all for the best cause-supporting our troops.     http://www.philatreatsfortroops.com/

July 16/Manland Invitational Triathlon/Stone Harbor-This race is really just an excuse for Buzzy Meagher to invite a bunch of people to his house on the bay, beat them all in a swimming race, and then eat and drink and eat and drink. King Buzz does it right.  www.YouAreNotInvited.com

***NEW*** July 30/Laurel Lake Sprint Triathlon/Millville-New to me, new to everyone. Brand new race from the folks at DQ. I love DQ races. They are low frills, low cost, packet pick-up on race day, quick awards races. They are small races, but the big kids always show up to race (and win). I’m just there for the refreshments.   http://dqevents.com/races-and-events/

August 14/AC Triathlon/Atlantic City-This one is ALL about the course. You get to race your bike on the AC Expressway and run on the world famous Atlantic City Boardwalk. And when the spectators yell “Show us you shoes!” because they are confusing you with a Miss America contestant, don’t let it bother you. It happens to me all the time. http://www.delmosports.com

August 27/Tri the Wildwoods/Wildwood-Two Delmo Sports events in two weeks keeps Mr. Steve busy. But he’s now an old pro at pulling off great events, so no worries. This one is a sentimental favorite for me. I’ve raced Tri the Wildwoods every year of my historic twelve-year racing career. Have any questions? I’m your source for all things Wildwood. http://www.delmosports.com

August 28/Cedar Island Swim/Avalon-Talk to anyone who has done this swim with us, and they’ll tell you it is the best. And when I say us, I mean me and the Race Director, because this is our baby. Now in its sixth year, this swim started with me saying I wanted to swim around Cedar Island, and with her immediately ordering t-shirts. Please join us.   http://www.timkerrcharities.org/

September 18/Swim Across America 3 mi swim/Baltimore-Last event of the season. Good Lord, I’m exhausted just typing this list. The most gorgeous swim ever in the Magothy River. Slightly brackish, mostly beautiful. This swim raises huge piles of money for the cancer research and treatment at Johns Hopkins.  http://www.swimacrossamerica.org/site/PageServer

There it is. My 2016 calendar.

Of course, this schedule does not include my TMT Press Tour, which includes several kids’ races at the Jersey shore. I will continue my tradition of hard-hitting youth triathlon journalism, complete with athlete profiles and post-race interviews. Also, donuts.


And it has just dawned on me that I am woefully out of shape, and that I must turn off this computer and get on my bike. Hope to see you at a race! Please say hi!



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