Tri the Wildwoods 2015-A TMT Race Report

I am waaaay overdue in writing this race report. One reason was that there was a Law and Order SVU marathon on last week and Olivia Benson was kicking ass and taking names and I was all, “She’s so awesome,” before I realized that I lost a week of my life.

The other reason was that I wanted to jazz up my race reporting style. I feel like I’m in a writing rut. So I spent a solid twelve and a half minutes doing research in order to improve upon my reporting technique. This research included reading other people’s race reports on other people’s blogs. All research was done on my couch, on my laptop, during Law & Order commercials. Don’t ever say I’m not dedicated to this blog.

Here’s what I learned from my extensive research: most people write boring race reports that are all I, I, I, and me, me, me. There are lots of details about mundane things, like socks, Heed to water mixing ratios, power meter calibration, and choice of transition towel. Also, there are a LOT of product mentions. I thought, my God these reports are boring as hell. I don’t like them. I never want to read these blogs again. And then I thought, I can do that.

So, without further ado, this race report is now re-titled, “I raced Tri the Wildwoods, and This Race Report is Written For Me, About Me, By Me.”

I signed up for Tri the Wildwoods about ten days before race day. I had put it on my race calendar back in May, but I somehow forgot to register for it. I can be so silly. I chose the sprint race because I did not want to race the International distance.

I arrived at the race site at about 5:00 am. I drove with a friend, but she is immaterial to this discussion since it’s all about me. I wore my Paincave top and my new Coeur black shorts. I like my Paincave top, but sometimes my zipper chafes my neck under my wetsuit. My new Coeur tri shorts are my latest purchase and my new favorites. I did not wear socks. I never wear socks.

I swam in the ocean in my Zoot wet suit, and I rode my Cervelo P3 for 10 miles (her name is not mentioned for obvious reasons) and I ran 3.1 miles in my Altra 3Sum lightweight tri shoes. In between the bike and the run, I consumed a Hammer Montana Huckleberry gel. I found it to be delicious and invigorating.

I finished very strong on the run. I recall someone running along the boardwalk with me, pacing me and screaming at me to run faster. I can tell you who that was someday. But not today. Because today it’s all about me.


That’s me on the run. Wait. I have to fix that photo.


That’s better.

I finished second in my age group, F45-49, which is a very competitive age group. All of this means that I am a tremendous competitor and that I have the eye of the tiger and I live triathlon and I am dedicated to my sport. Here are two pictures of me on the podium.



I think I look good in these photos.

Well, that was awful.

I promise never to do that to you again. Racing is only fun and fabulous if you are with fun and fabulous people. Thanks to my beautiful teammates, the Race Director, Snarky G., the Sea Bonster, Mrs. Donovan, The Rev, and Madame Jelly Bean for being there and being fun. Thanks to Grumpy Sue for bringing the CHAMPAGNE! Thanks to Stephen Delmonte for another great Delmo Sports event and to Jamie Delmonte for another delicious breakfast. And thanks to Susie Pick Up for having my back in transition when I almost got into a pre-race throw down with someone for saving spots on a bike rack. THAT….is a story for another day.


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