Sunset Kids Triathlon-A TMT Race Report

Journalism. It’s hard work. It’s all about getting the story, capturing the perfect photo, asking the hard-hitting questions. I like to think that TMT is the 60 Minutes of kids triathlon. I am a race-day Morley Safer with a hairbrush microphone.

The Sunset Kids Triathlon was held on Saturday, August 22 in Stone Harbor, NJ. The weather was absolutely brilliant. The race consisted of a quick bay swim with the current, three loops on the 1K neighborhood course, followed by a one loop run. The teenager and I were at the race site early to get some good pre-race interviews and photos. All pre-race interviews were conducted on our new TMT set. The race directors, Susan and Tim Terranova, finally answered at least some of the demands on my list. The list, which included an all-white dressing room and peanut M&Ms (BLUE AND GREEN ONLY), went mostly ignored. But I got the set, so that was cool.


Here, the teenager and her friend relax on set before filming started.

All interviews are on our YouTube channel, TMT-TV. Here are the links with their descriptions:

On set with Rhea, who will be my co-host next year:

On set with Hunter:

On set with Sophia:

On set with Fiona:

On set with defending champion Shane:

Registration was an ordeal. Lots of paperwork and many questions to answer. Question 3, “What is your favorite donut?” makes this race one of the top kids triathlons on the east coast. In my humble opinion, at least.


After the registration and the pre-race interviews were completed, the race directors gave their speech, which was a lot of blah, blah, blah. I don’t know what they said, because I wasn’t paying attention, because I was still mad about the M&M thing.


Then, the National Anthem.


Then, the swim start.

DSC00885 DSC00887 DSC00888 DSC00889

Swim start, wave one:

Swim start, wave two:

After a swift, mom-assisted transition, the athletes moved to the cycling portion of the race. Please note the sweet bikes and even sweeter helmets:

DSC00946DSC00911DSC00904Quick ditch of the bike, and then we are onto the run:



DSC00954 DSC00957 DSC00970

fierce (1)

Official Winner of Best Game Day Face.

The winner of the race was Luke Munch, who gets to take this lovely trophy home with him for a whole year. Some conspiracy theorists are saying that Shauna Brace, mother of last’s year champion Shane, offered Luke a college scholarship if he won the trophy, just to get it out of her house. The TMT Investigative Team is working on the story now.


Post-race interviews with the champ and runner-up here. Shane puked, and TMT-TV has the exclusive story. Hear it in his own words:

Post-race donuts and Hershey bars finished off the morning perfectly.

Thanks again to the dynamic duo of Susan and Tim Terranova, who I’m pretty sure don’t breathe until every kid is back safe and sound with their parents and with a smile on their face. You put on a great race for the kids, and you make it all about having fun. Thanks for allowing me and my silliness to be a part of it.

Some more random shots from a spectacular day:

DSC00851 DSC00859 DSC00876 DSC00887 DSC00975 DSC00978


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