Tour de Shore, Part Deux

Ha ha. That’s French.

The 2015 triathlon season is rapidly approaching. So rapidly that I’m freaking out just a little bit. I am in decent shape, but not racing shape. It looks like I will have back-to-back seasons where I get into racing shape by racing. That seemed to work for me last year, as I didn’t die in any of my races.

The Tour de Shore takes me as far north as Galloway Township, NJ and as far south as Lewes, Delaware. Every race is within an hour’s drive (one includes a ferry ride). No race requires hotel reservations. All races are reasonably priced. These things make my cheap little heart go all a-flutter.

Without further ado. The Tour de Shore 2015:

1. Cristo Rey High School Philly-to-Avalon Charity Ride/May 22/Philly– I’ve done this ride a few times. Last year’s ride was so epic that it required a TMT Medical Report about it (click here: ETTOX.) Unfortunately there is no ride this year so Snarky G., Mr. Gilroy and I are doing it (all 100 miles) by ourselves. The link is provided only so you can check out this awesome school. 

2. Escape the Cape/June 14/Cape May-Insane. We jump from the Cape May Ferry, we ride our bikes around West Cape May, we run along the Delaware Bay, then we return to the ferry terminal for beers in the sunshine. #winning.

3. Islandman/June 27/Avalon-Tenth year for this race that completely slays me. Ocean swim, technical ride, brutal soft sand run. To call it a sprint is to understate its toughness. My bestie, The Race Director, puts it on. After the race, we all help the kids race in their own event.

4. Lake Lenape/July 11/Mays Landing-Some people might call this Lake Len-AHHHHH-pay. Those people would be annoying. Sprint with a lake swim, wide open bike course, and friendly neighborhood run.

5. Iron Soldiers Biathlon/July 18/Ocean City-Freddie Klevan’s 1-mile ocean swim plus 4-mile beach run in the evening. It’s the best cause of the summer. All racers donate treats that Freddie then sends overseas to U.S. servicemen and women. Every year, Freddie honors a fallen warrior. You can’t help but cry.

6. Manland Invitational/July 25/Stone Harbor-Ahem. By invitational only. King Buzzy and his Most Lovely Queen host us in his backyard bay for a longer-than-advertised swim, then a spin around Stone Harbor and a 5k run. All of this is followed by the best party on the island. Donuts galore.

7. Atlantic City/August 9/Atlantic City-Ride on the Atlantic City Expressway? Run on the Atlantic City Boardwalk? Yes please.

8. Tri the Wildwoods/August 29/North Wildwood-My sentimental favorite. I’ve done this every year since my newbie season. An ocean swim in late August can be like taking a spin in a Maytag. And I love it. #freebeerattheafterparty.

9. Cedar Island Swim/August 29/Avalon-My bucket list item comes to life. The Race Director and I put this event together five years ago. Since that first year, we’ve added 100 people and a champagne division. We are too cool.

10. Swim Across America Baltimore/September 21/Eastern Shore of Maryland-This will be my second year swimming in this 5K event. Absolutely beautiful swim in the Magothy River. Swimming events always humble me, as inevitably there is some 9 year-old who trounces me.

11. Escape from Lewes 5K Swim/September 27/Lewes, DE-Inaugural event. We are jumping off the ferry again, but this time from the Delaware side. Two great things about this event: 1) once you are finished swimming, you’re finished, and 2) tax-free shopping. I plan on picking up a plasma TV.

12. Bassman/October 3/Bass River State Forest-This one is for reals. It’s a 71.5, because 70.3 is for suckers. It’s in the clearest lake I’ve ever seen. Hopefully, the left leg will survive the summer and get me to the finish line.

Along with the racing comes the ridiculous, of course. Photobombing and Team WBTU and donuts and post-race beers and race reports. There is a 2014 race report for almost every race listed above. Feel free to wander around the site and find them if you are thinking about one of these races. All of the events are open, except Islandman, Escape the Cape, and Manland.

I hope to see you this summer!


Guess which one is me?


5 thoughts

  1. Your description of the swim at the Wildwood Tri was perfect! The first time I did it, that’s exactly what it felt like. I’ll see you at the AC Tri and at Wildwood. Good luck this season!

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      1. Absolutely! He has been training hard. I’ll bet he could smoke me on the bike. He is so excited to be competing and I am honored to be on his team.

        Liked by 1 person

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