Ocean Drive Ten Miler-A TMT Race Report

Well, Halleluiah and Praise Be! It’s the first TMT race report of 2015! That must mean the snow is melting and the days are longer and the Kohler’s donuts are in the oven.

sunsetI’ll be seeing you in a few weeks. I know you took my sandwich.

On Sunday, March 29th, I ran the Ocean Drive Ten Miler. I am being generous in saying that I “ran” the race. (I do that because I am an incredibly generous person.) Due to the relentless agony coming from my left leg, I am only able to run 10 miles if a use the run/walk approach. I run for 6 minutes and then walk for 1 minute. I do these 7 minute intervals until 56 minutes, when I switch to 7/1. I switch at 56 because 56 is a multiple of both 7 and 8, so it makes for easy math moving forward. (I love it when I can get math into the blog.)

The OD Ten Miler, which also has a marathon, starts in Cape May, NJ and runs north along Ocean Drive until we finish on the boardwalk in North Wildwood. Usually it’s a ridiculously windy affair. Ten years ago, I ran the marathon (which continues to Sea Isle City) into a 25mph bitter head wind. Never, ever, ever again will I do that. But ten miles? I can handle that.

My good friend Harry Dunne put the idea into my head in early February. It was a good thing to put on the calendar as it gave my spring training schedule, which up until that point resembled chaos theory, a little bit of focus. I increased my mileage every Sunday by adding on one more run/walk interval. Many chilly and snowy Sunday runs got me to the start line in Cape May knowing I could finish. And just finishing was fine with me.

 wpid-wp-1420426200305.jpegThis guy gets some of the credit, but all of the blame.

The race itself was rather uneventful. There was some running, and then some more running. Two cool things happened. One: I had a good pre-race chat with Debbie Smith of the famous Smith sisters. She was also running 10 miles, and was planning on finding less active, more hedonistic friends immediately upon race completion. Two: I saved the day. I decided to wear my Spiderman socks that day, due to both their warmth and their ability to turn me into a super hero. Somewhere along Ocean Drive between Cape May and the Crest, just south of the fish factories, I found a glove in the middle of the road. It was a really nice black Marmot glove. I picked it up, and quickly deduced that it belonged to a younger female runner who was about 30 yards ahead of me. She was running a blistering pace, maybe 10 minute miles. Maybe even 9:50’s. Anyway, I summoned all of my Spiderman sock power and put on the jets. I caught her, returned her glove, accepted her undying gratitude, and then immediately fell back into a recovery pace. I didn’t vomit at all, because super heroes never vomit.

I finished exactly one minute under the time I thought I might finish in, so I consider that a win. I got to see the other Smith sister, Susan, who cheered me through the finisher’s chute. Then I met up my family and friends and devoured an extra-large stack of banana nut pancakes at Uncle Bill’s. Even super heroes need a recovery meal.


First race report of 2015 is officially in the books!


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