Skirt Up

Warning: This may be a touchy topic for some women. Sorry about that. But not really. This may be a ridiculous topic for men. Stay with me, fellas. I have some gratuitous yet sexy leg shots at the end.

I’ve been racing triathlons since 2005. That’s ten years for the arithmetically-challenged. Not exactly a newbie, but also not an old timer. But I’ve been a basketball player since I was five. That’s like, nunya damn business years. Just kidding. It’s 40 years. I’m 45. 40+5=45. YAY MATH.


I keep my math in here.

I started playing as a wee kindergartener at the YMCA in West Chester, PA. Before the first practice, my mom told me stories about how she played basketball in high school. The game was very different when she played. The rules sounded weird. And she WORE A SKIRT. I was like, whaaaaaaaa?? Who wears a skirt to play basketball? That’s just stupid. Skirts are for school uniforms. Skirts are for church. What if I dive for the ball? I was the only girl on the team! All the boys will see….well, London, France, you get the point. YAY SHORTS.


I played a LOT of basketball through grade school and high school. I played intramurals through college, pick-up games with professors during grad school, and in a women’s league with the same team for over a decade. And in all of those games, no one ever wore a skirt. Never. Ever. Why? Because we didn’t have to. Somebody a long time ago decided that girls always had to be lady-like, even while driving to the basket. Then that person died, and we were all liberated. YAY OLD IDEAS DYING.



Today, when I see women running and racing in skirts, a little part of my feminist heart dies. Yeah, everyone can wear what they want. Yeah, it’s a matter of personal taste. Yeah, yeah, yeah. As someone who has always considered herself an athlete, I say this. LAME. Seriously? A skirt? We have moved beyond this. We are kicking ass and taking names. We shouldn’t care about looking cute. Hot. Totes adorbs. Our hotness is innate as runners, cyclists, swimmers, triathletes, or ball players. Excuse me, I meant ball playas, yo. Being athletes makes us totes adorbs. YAY ATHLETES.

miaflo jo

llesliekastor chrissie

Mia, Flo Jo, Lisa, Deena, and Chrissie. Smoking hot. Skirtless.

Alright, fellas. You have no say in this. I don’t need or want your opinion. This is just between us gals. But I promised you some hot legs, so here they are. This is Pat Summitt, the all-time greatest college basketball coach of all time. Redundancy intended. And just check out those gams. YAY GAMS.



2 thoughts

  1. Speaking for some of us “chunky” gals with large, somewhat flabby thighs, I wear a running skirt for a few reasons. Wearing a running skirt gives me the Spanx effect of wearing the compression shorts to keep my thighs from chafing, but the skirt part covers all those lumps and bumps that always show through the spandex. Plus the skirt makes my stomach look flatter. For me it’s all about function, and more importantly, comfort. It’s got nothing to do with trying to look feminine or being a “girly girl”, because I am so not a one.

    BTW, when I was in school (many moons ago) we wore a white blouse covered by a maroon gym tunic and wore maroon “bloomers” underneath. Yes, that’s right…bloomers.

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