This Is The End

group therapy2

Okay, joke’s over. You guys can come back now. Guys?

Today is Thursday. On Sunday, after I GO ALL THE WAY AROUND!! at our Cedar Island 5K Swim event, I will leave my blue heaven and head home to Chester County, Pennsylvania. Summer is over and it’s time to get back to real life.  I’ll re-don my chauffer’s cap and drive to field hockey and basketball games, golf lessons, dances, and sleepovers. I’ll meet over 160 new students on Monday at West Chester University, and I’ll try not to scare the hell out of the freshmen as we talk about probability and statistics and syllabi and final exams. Crickets, deer, and groundhogs take the place of sea gulls, dolphins, and skunks. (I won’t miss the skunks.) My training changes radically, obviously. I’m back to dark, early morning runs, hilly rides, and (yeesh) pool swims.

Throughout the summer, I am in a constant state of dread. I feel like the summer is flying by too quickly and that I’m not enjoying it enough. I need to swim more, paddle more, watch more sunrises and sunsets. I need to LIVE IN THE MOMENT always, or the moment will be gone and there will be snow on the ground and it will be dark before dinner and happiness as we know it will cease to exist.

cold ride

 Sooooo good-looking.

But then this last week arrives, and I’m always okay with it. I’m ready. I look forward to seeing those fresh, young faces at school, and trying to alleviate their fears and answer their endless ridiculous questions (which, by the way, I will share with you. It will be your incentive to keep reading this blog because, believe me, the questions are hilarious.) And there is nothing better than watching a field hockey game on a spectacular October afternoon, especially when you’re that crazy parent who stalks the sidelines yelling, “GREAT JOB!! YOU’RE AWESOME!!!” to every player on both teams. Fun stuff.

I’ll get back in the pool with my Masters swim group, the finest bunch of triathletes/ladies on the Main Line. Ladies like Gretchen C., who shares wise tidbits, such as “Hair is overrated.” RIGHT?!?!? I mean, come on. Is that brilliant or what? I’ll get back on the roads with my hammerhead buddies, who ride like maniacs but still push me up the big hills. And I’ll get to run in my Valley Forge Park (yup. That’s mine, too.) I know the deer will welcome me back with open arms. We have a special relationship.

So I’m ready. No whining from me. No need for counseling or group therapy. I’ll pack the car and drive home with no tearing of the hair or gnashing of the teeth. I’ll put my swimsuits away and put on my big girl clothes, if they still fit. (Damn you, donuts.) It’s been a wonderful summer. I’ve been IN THE MOMENT enough, more than most. I’m very fortunate to have what I have. I know it, so I will never complain.


 Beach cruiser ride through Cape HEN-lo-PEN. That’s how you say it.

Besides, I’ll be back for Octoberfest. I’m gonna need a refill.

boot beer


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