NYC Triathlon, Part Sunday

NYC tri 209 - Copy

I know that looked like a human hand, but it was just a log. With five branches. I swear.


Was wet.

Press domestique Snarky G. and I arrived at the Hudson River swim start, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, only to have our tails get soggy in the rain. (damn, that sounds sexy.)

NYC tri 276

 A good press domestique always checks the umbrellas for leaks.

We quickly established our position along the Hudson in what I like to call PRESS ROW. We were with all of the major news outlets. And also Fox News.

NYC tri 217

Right next to NY1. Did she sense that I was a fraud? Who cares. I need a TMT microphone.

NYC tri 227 - Copy

HI CAMERON! It doesn’t count as stalking if he follows back on Twitter.

The TMT News Team was right there as the pros, then the elites, and finally the age groupers filed past. I got lots of great shots of the swim wave starts, plus my teammates walking through.

Peruse my fine photographs, if you will.

NYC tri 212 - Copy

Laura Wassner. She is simply awesome.

 Pro Men and Women:

NYC tri 225 - CopyNYC tri 231 - Copy

Our good friend Randy C., or as I like to call him, Konaman.

NYC tri 234 - Copy

Dr. Gerry, lover of all creatures, great and small. And Broadway.

NYC tri 244

The Reverend and the Race Director, heading down the gangplank:

 NYC tri 266

Last, and the opposite of least, is Mrs. Donovan, whose husband is building her a summer home on the podium. She had a SPECTACULAR DAY.

NYC tri 253 - Copy


Here are my favorite pics of KD. If you look closely, you can see her standing up and hunched over, right around the middle of the front row. Every other swimmer but one sat on the dock. She remained standing. I watched her do this and thought to myself, of course she stayed upright. We jump from the Cape May Ferry, for crying out loud! We are fierce! WBTU? Nobody!

I cropped the second picture, so you’d get my point:

NYC tri 258

259 cropped


Why point it out? Well, because Mrs. Donovan showed up mighty fierce and took no prisoners. She beat all other female age groupers that day. Plus every elite racer but one. And even a couple of pros. She dominated.

After everyone of import to us swam, we ventured our way toward the finish line to see our new bestest buddy Cameron Dye win it all. During our travels, we were desperate to find a quality donut for Cam. And by quality, I mean freshly baked by loving hands from a secret recipe handed down for generations. But every bakery we entered said, “No donuts. How about Dunkin’ Donuts?” So we were stuck with Dunkin’ Donuts, which I guess is fine if you’re really in a pinch. Sheesh.

We arrived at the finish line and found our press people again. By this time, it was raining steadily so everybody’s gear was covered with plastic. Mine was covered with my shirt. Rookie mistake. Fox News did not cover their cameras, because it’s only science that tells us water will damage electronics.

NYC tri 307


Here are more quality photographs, taken from PRESS ROW with my new, fancy Sony camera:

First male, Ben Collins:

NYC tri 287

First female, Alicia Kaye:NYC tri 303

First dog:

NYC tri 326

First wiener dog:

NYC tri 352

Overheard saying, “I AM THE WIENER!”


NYC tri 332

Mrs. Donovan:

NYC tri 342


NYC tri 337


That guy Russ from South Carolina that we met in front of the hotel the day before. Remember him?

NYC tri 365


The Reverend and the Race Director on Fox News:

NYC tri 399

(Insert Fox News joke here. I’m fresh out.)

Group shot at the finish:

NYC tri 390

The domestique managed to get into a lot of photos, didn’t she?

Everyone had a phenomenal day, except our new friend Cameron Dye. He had a tire blowout on the Westside Highway and as a result did not finish. He did, however, show up to the finish so we were able to give him the crappy donut. It made him happy, so I was happy. And we are now best friends. We’ve already made plans (in my head) for next year’s Philly Tri to have quality donuts together, and maybe go for a ride or swim.

The NYC Triathlon is an incredible event. It is extremely well-organized and staffed.  There are volunteers everywhere, all helpful and friendly. There are plenty of great spots for spectators. And New York City is a fabulous stage. Just be sure to bring your own donuts:


 Hello, you lovelies. I should have put you in my suitcase.


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